New & Used Fire Trucks For Sale 

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Our used fire fighting tankers tender trucks for sale, are owned by us. We do broker used fire trucks, but they must meet our specific standards. If you don't see a used fire tendor/tanker or pumper tanker for sale here that meets your department's needs call us,and we will keep an eye for a good match. 
OR Let us locate a good used Freightliner, International- Navistar or Kenworth chassis that will meet your needs
We are one of the few fire tanker - tender apparatus companies that build on used/ pre owned chassis.
Our trusted chassis suppliers constantly search for used chassis 2000 or newer with low miles for upfit of fire apparatus tanker, pumper tanker and rescue trucks.

Used fire tanker trucks for sale:

2008 Spartan with new 2,000 gallon tanker body & Pto Pump - Just completed! Ready for delivery!

2009 Sterling with 1,500 gpm pump and 3,000 gallon tank - completed Sale Pending

used custom fire pumper tanker for sale
 This used 2008 Spartan chassis came to us as a pumper with remounted pumper body. We chose to remove the body and pump and build it out as a 2,000 gallon pumper tanker. This used fire tanker for sale features a Darley 500 gpm pump (pto), Federal "Q' siren and seating for five(5) scba ready fire fighters.

Click on picture above to get to youtube walk-around video!!!
Used fire tender for sale
We will include a Husky Portable Containment 2,100 gallon portable pond at delivery. It has an aluminum frame and this new pool will be red on color.
used fire tanker for sale         Used 2000 gallon tanker for sale
 There are 37,500 original miles on this custom chassis with a Cummins 330 horsepower engine, 
and the interior is in great shape. It does have a secondary braking system. 

  So its has many of the features of a new fire fighting pumper tanker pump would have, just not the

 This used 2,000 gallon tanker on custom chassis, also features AC and has a Fire Com setup, 
 including headsets. 

fire tanker for sale used 

 New 2,000 gallon Poly 
 Elliptical Tank 

 New 3/16th aluminum body   with 
Amdor roll up doors

 Newton 10" swivel dump - manual

 Tubular aluminum pool rack

 All LED scene lights

 Rear 2.5" direct tank fill
 Rear 2.5" discharge

 4.5" suction hoses two (2)


HUSKY 2,100 gallon pool included!     Over All Height: 9' 4"       Over All Length: 29' 3"

Pto pump fire tanker useed 
    500 Gallon Darley HM 500 Pump                   
             $159,900.00   won't last!!!


2009 Sterling (used) - New 3,000 Gallon Pumper Tanker Body. With 1,500 Gpm Waterous Midship, 2 stage pump (rebuilt)!              SALE PENDING!  4/19/2019

 On a low mileage, Sterling Acterra chassis.  With a 330 hp. Cummings motor and Allison automatic transmission. Complete repaint with PPG paint on cab to match new pumper tanker fire body. New 3,000 gallon poly tank and 3/16th aluminum body with Amdor roll up doors. All LED warning package, Code 3 light-bar and 4" LDH discharge make this fire pumper tanker for sale, a welcome addition to your fire department's fleet. Why buy a new fire fighting tanker, when this fire pumper tanker has popular specs for great savings!

Overall height: 122" Tall (10'1")    Overall Length 31' 3"     Asking   $179,900.00                                                                                                                3/10/2019

3/07/2019     Still need to pump test.,then used 3,000 gallon pumper tanker will be ready for delivery ..

3,000 gallon pumper tanker 4 sale 
NFPA Chevron striping used tanker

Don't miss this opportunity to own a "like new" fire fighting tanker! 

2000 Pierce Lance with 2,000 gallon tank for sale - Used chassis new body & tank! 

                                                                          Sold to Findlay Fire Protection District, Findlay,Illinois 

used fire tanker for sale

Used Pierce Custom Chassis with new aluminum body and poly tank. Similar to others we have built in the past, 500 gpm Darley pto pump, Newton Swivel dump and Code 3 Led lighting. Scba seating for four firefighters and 400 plus horsepower motor. 
 New PPG paint on  chassis and body...why pay new dollars, this pumper tanker has a new body,pump  and tank... for much less.

 As the pump,aluminum body and  
tank are new, this whole  apparatus can be easily  moved to a new or newer  chassis at a later date.

Call for details.....(4*1*9) 4*1*0 - 3*9*3*6  

2012 International - Pre owned chassis (NO UREA)   New 3,000 Gallon Tanker - SOLD

  NFPA New fire engine for sale
New aluminum body and poly tank...

 Darley HM 500 pump

       2012 International with DT466 diesel 
engine with no urea. 

       Approx. 97,000 miles     

       Allison automatic transmission   
Cab & Chassis in new PPG paint

       New APR Poly Elliptical 3,000 gallon tank

       New 3/16th" Aluminum body
       Amdor roll up doors
       Newton Swivel Dump    
LED warning and scene lights     

  << click on above picture for walk around video of this .....  3,000  gallon fire fighting pumper tanker for sale.

       Click on the above picture for youtube video of this used fire tanker for sale.
  Pre owned chassis with new 3/16th aluminum body, Amdor Roll Up doors and Darley Pto pump. PPg painted cab and body to match.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a "like new" fire fighting tanker!   

Call 419 - 410 - 3936  9 am - 7 Pm    seven days a week

SOLD & Delivered -   2,000 Gallon Tanker Tender with pto pump

used fire tanker for sale new body


 Used 2003 FL70 Chassis
   Under 60,000 miles

   Automatic transmission
  New 2,000 Gallon Poly
  Aluminum Body
  500 Gpm Darley HM500
  Rear discharge / Deadlay
  Suction Hose w/ trays
  Newton Swivel Dump 
  Federal LED Lighting


SOLD  / delivered   Used Chassis New Fire Apparatus

used chassis new tanker

Used Fire Tanker Tender For Sale - 2001 Seagrave Chassis - Ex Tiller Cab  


used fire trucks for sale tender  New NFPA pumper tanker
Used fire tankers for sale

Used fire tendor  for sale

Delivered to Town of Lynn, Indiana ---- 5/15/2015


Call for options and details...........(4*1*9) 4*1*0 - 3*9*3*6
   9 am - 7 pm    7 days a week!

We buy,sell and build fire fighting apparatus on new or used chassis. 

- SOLD !!!!!!!!!
1999 Freightliner Chassis with
 400 horsepower Cummins diesel engine, automatic transmission
& Jake brake. With only 18,000 miles this fire tanker for sale has always been in the fire service.
This Freightliner chassis was a pumper originally,this not an auction truck.
Fire tanker with pump used
New 2,200 Gallon Poly Elliptical Tank by APR Tanks    
1,000 Gpm Waterous Midship (rebuilt with warranty) Sw6000 Newton Swivel dump.


We answer our phone: 9 am -7 pm, 7 days a week (4*1*9)  4*1*0 - 3*9*3*6

1986 Pierce Chassis - Contract build                                                    Our current unit is a 1993 KME chassis with wetside body
1,800 Gallon Tanker with 500 gpm Portable Pump                      Tank set up for portable pump in ds cabinet         
This unit was built for The Town of Linn, Wisconsin.                 Delivered to Morris Township, PA.

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