New & Used Fire Trucks For Sale 

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Used fire truck parts from fire pumpers and fire fighting tankers.Many of these fire trucks were less than 10 years old when they were taken from service. Some parts are from "re purposed" class "A' pumpers we have assigned new service as tankers and tenders.

We keep only select parts, some are considered antique and we have a network of collectors. 

Antique Fire Apparatus parts

Early Federal Signal 12 volt Siren       Before the modern Federal "Q"       $499.00
Needs some cosmetic work.......

We have many parts for the reuse in a great "Man Cave" as seen on Man Caves Episode!
We supplied many key parts to this diy episode, the rear of a whole pumper from Columbus,Ohio.

NFPA 1901 Reflective- Maltese Cross Style Chevron Stripes

 Delta Tankers Maltese Reflective NFPA 1901  Maltese Crosses for fire truck reflective Delta Tankers 

NFPA striping reflective 3m diamond grade 1901 Compliant

This NFPA 1901 compliant material (3m diamond grade) exceeds the competition's minimal material choice.

These are not one size fits all "dots" or "diamonds", these are custom cut
Maltese Crosses to fit you tread plate pattern.

This is a trademarked item as is only available thru us and sister company

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   Reflective for fire trucks        
Shipped to you as 6" wide X 12" long, ( two = 1 square foot ), these 3/4" round Maltese Crosses are simply placed between the raised areas on common diamondplate.
These are installed individually to for NFPA 1901 Reflective Stripes on diamondplate.
Please remember that all diamond plate spacing is different by supplier, and there is prep work involved on new or already in service apparatus.

BEFORE:                                                                   AFTER:

For your new-used-fire trucks,rescue apparatus and  NOW Ambulances!!

Along with our sister company,Great Lakes Specialty Equipment & WWW.NFPA1901REFLECTIVE.COM.           

We answer our phone: 9 am -7 pm, 7 days a week (419) 410 - 3936


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