New & Used Fire Trucks For Sale 

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Call for details on upcoming pumper tanker demo trucks.......
new fire pumper for sale
 2016 Freightliner chassis,
  NFPA Compliant with  
  remounted E ONE body.

  Hale 1,000 gpm pump (rebuilt)
  and 1,000 gallon poly tank.

  Has some equipment included.


  SOLD    SOLD      SOLD
New 330 horsepower Freightliner M2-106 pumper chassis. NFPA compliant chassis,automatic trans. and electronic stability control.Refurbished E ONE aluminum body with new PPG paint. Has a rebuilt Hale 1,000 gpm pump and 1,000 gallon poly tank. Full led lighting by Federal Signal and reflective chevrons by to be added.

Includes ladders,suction hose etc. as shown......ready for delivery!

Click here for video! (X)


2006 Chevy C8500 - 3,000 Gallon Used Fire Tanker Tender For Sale

 Low mileage - 2006 C8500 chassis with 300 horsepower Caterpillar diesel engine and  automatic transmission.

 New 3,000 gallon elliptical poly tank  and all aluminum body to follow.  
 Newton  Swivel dump and portable  pump in the  cabinet. 

used new tanker for sale
Call for details and options......  $153,900.00 as shown

new used tanker tendor for sale

 Ready for delivery,
 with or without a portable

 Newton swivel dump
 Plumbed for portable  pump in the cabinet.


New Demo,Stock - Fire Pumper Tanker Tender for sale:  2016 Fl M2 106- SOLD

 Call for details!!! We have chassis and pump in our shop, still have time to modify specifications.

 We answer our phone: 9 am -7 pm,  7 days a week             (419) 410 - 3936

 Our most popular specification for a new pumper tanker truck. 
Freightliner Single Axle Pumper Tanker - New fire pumper tanker for sale - NFPA compliant chassis!

      Can be duplicated on new 2017    Starting @  $198,900.00

We offer a single axle   2,000 gallon wetside tanker with 1,000 gpm Darley pto pump...

Stock demo fire tanker pumper

  Stability Control
    included from    

    350 Horsepower

     Automatic trans
           with Pto
    3/16th aluminum
  wetside tanker body
  2,000 Gallons Water
  1,000 Gpm Darley
           Pto pump


           Newton Swivel dump controlled from cab 
    Hose Bed         Manual Pool rack 
         *Federal LED Lighting,i
ncludes suction hose, and Husky    2,100 Gallon Portable Pool 

We answer our phone: 9 am -7 pm,  7 days a week                 (419) 410 - 3936

Federal Lighting Package shown - Code 3 optional....

New Fire Fighting Pumper Tanker For Sale: 1,250 Pump & 2,000 Gallon Tank  SOLD

New pumper tanker for sale   One(1) New, Never titled/stock chassis
   left in our demo inventory to build a new
   pumper tanker to your specs.
    Get your Class "A" pumper upgraded
    to 2,000 gallon tank, full pumper tanker 
  <<< click this picture for video of one  
   of the two (2) we built, same spec in  


NFPA Compliant chassis. Act now to make a version of this new Class "A" pumper tanker your truck!!!!

Large diameter discharge - Akron Deck Gun -  Zico Portable Tank Rack

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