New & Used Fire Trucks For Sale 

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Recently Delivered New & Used Fire Trucks

We answer our phone: 9 am -7 pm,  7 days a week   (4*1*9)   4*1*0 - 3*9*3*6

Pre Owned 2012 Freightliner with New 2,800 Gallon Pumper Tanker Body.
1,000 Gpm Pto Waterous Pump   2,800 gallon APR poly tank           1/2020
New fire tanker for sale

New - Stock 2019 Fl M2 106  375 Hp Detroit DD 8 motor   2,500 Gallon Poly Tank
New fire tanker 2,500 Gallon
New - Darley 1,000 gpm pto pump,diamond plate crosslay covers.

New 2019 FL M2 106  _  New 2,500 Gallon Fire Fighting Pumper Tanker Tender
            SOLD TO: Albany Area Volunteer Fire Department, Albany, Ohio
--------------------------    ------------------------    ------------------------   -------------------------

3,000 Gallon with 1,500 Gpm 2 stage - Used 2009 Sterling Chassis
Sold to: Arthur,IA               Found us on FACEBOOK

 2000 Pierce Lance with new 2,000 gallon tanker body.  

Sold to: Findlay Fire Protection District, IL.

 Used fire tanker for sale
This was an Custom Pierce Engine, we removed the pumper body. Then we built a new tanker tender body, installed a Darley 500 gpm pto pump. Also features Tecniq Led lightind and Code 3 lightbar.

2012 International - (used) with New Tanker - Tender Body - 3,000 Gallon
Thank You, Browning Fire Department, Browning Kentucky.

Found us on Facebook!

2017 Freightliner 2,000 Gallon Pumper Tanker - Delivered!
New fire pumper tanker for sale

Click on above pic for walk-around video!!

                                See the contracted build for Ladysmith VFD, Wisconsin.

Fire tanker pumper new         new 2,000 gallon tanker with pump

NBS FIRE DISTRICT - New Riegel,Ohio    1,250 Gpm/ 2,500 Gallon Rescue Pumper

1995 Darley 2,000 Gpm Pumper
We proudly share these Delivered / Sold Units:

Used fire tanker for sale  
used fire tender for sale

used fire tanker with pump  New Trenton Volunteer Fire Department

   New Trenton Indiana
   2003 Used Freightliner Chassis - under 55,000 miles
   2,000 Gallon Elliptical Tanker Body
   Darley 500 Gpm Pto Pump 

Belleview-McVille Fire Protection 
District, Kentucky

fire pumper tanker for sale   
         2013 FL M2 106 Chassis - New                                      2,300 Gallon Wetside Body

New fire tanker 2,300 gallon 

New and used fire trucks for sale, Tankers - Tenders - Pumpers - Rescues

Used 2000 gallon fire tanker 2000 gallon fire tanker demo


used pumper for sale  
  City of Campbell,MO 1994 Used Pumper            2014 Freightliner Remounted KME Pumper Body
Used pumper chassis new body used 2,500 gallon tanker Posey
2005 customer supplied chassis with new 2,500 gallon fire pumper tanker body     Posey, In

Used fir eengine for sale Used fir tanker for sale used chassis
From Avon/Washington  to North Judson..Indiana
               1999 FL-EX Michigan Pumper to Elliptical Tanker
1998 KME Rescue Pumper                                        Rebuilt 1,000 gpm midship    2,200 Gallon Tank

2004 Sterling Tanker with 750 Gpm Pto Pump - Used Chassis - New Body and Whelen Lighting
used fire fighting tanker with pump used fire tanker with pump

used tender tanker for sale 
2005 Sterling Tanker - Portable Pump In Cabinet
 Used fire tankers custom chassisNew Used fire tankers for sale
1996 Ex Quint - Re-purposed to 1,500 Darley Pump / 2,000 Gallon Pumper Tanker
This is our second, used chassis with new fire body, for this department.
^^^ Click these pictures ^^^ For YouTube video of this unique fire fighting tanker pumper!!!


CET glider unit for new chasiss
  Just delivered to a fire department in  
  central Ohio.

  Full ready to mount on their chassis in
  their own
 shop in less that  
 3 shop hours.

  With dual Hannay reels, class "A" foam
  and equipment specific custom cabinetry,
  this brush truck is ready for any detail it is

 To be built on a dual F350 chassis,
to accept a future set of Super Single tires at a later date.

This customer specified glider unit, delivered to their shop for under $47,000.00

1992  GMC 1,800 Gallon w/ 750 PTO                2002 Sterling - 2,000 gallon wet side tanker 

Click on the picture for video

1987 Saulsbury Stainless Rescue Truck               1990 Ferrara GMC Used Pumer


2013 Kenworth with 2,000 Gallon Poly Tank  - 1,250 GPM Darley LDM Pump
NFPA New fire tanker for sale New Kenworth Fire Tender Tanker
Has On Spot Chains, Zico Pool Lift and Federal LED Warning package as options.
Newton rear dump tanker new NFPA Tanker on new Kenworth

2009 Special Operations Response Truck

Medium duty rescue gm 5500  New fire rescue truck 4 x 4

NEW GM 5500 4 X 4 - We found an titled new one!    Aluminum body  Buckstop Bumper Winch   Onan Generator  Wilburt Light   Air Horn Package  Coffin Compartments    Whelen Lighting

1998 Pierce Pumper - Reconditioned

2012 Kenworth Chassis         3,000 Gallon Tank       1,250 Waterous Midship Pump

  2010 Freightliner  3,000 Gallon Tendor      1993 KME   2,000 Wetside Tendor Tanker
     1995 GMC Darley Pumper Tanker           1992 International Darley Top Mount
New used fire tanker with darley pump

   Used 1998 Freightliner chassis -
  1,500 gpm midship pump with 2,800 gallon tank.                


New Pumper - 2012 International Class A Rescue Body - Reels - Front Suction        
1995 Pierce Pumper - Used Fire Pumper           2010 International 4 x 4 Truck- New Rescue

2007 - 357 Peterbilt 1,500 top mount - 3,000 Tank-  PA.            2006 Sterling Acterra - 2,000 Gallon- Portable pump IA.

  SOLD -- New- 2007 Peterbilt Pumper Tanker - Dryside Fire Tanker - 1,250 Gpm / 2,000 gallon water - EJ Metals Dumps

     Remounted rescue on new Gm5500 4 x 4- Vermont                    Fire Tanker Demo 2,000 with pto  - Wisconsin


09 International- 1,250 Pump/ 2,000 Gallon Tanker        1986 Pierce Chassis New Body & Tank- Linn WI.

2009 Freightliner - Wetside Tanker  Delaware Twsp, PA       1992 Pierce Rescue-Scott Township, La
Used 1997 Pierce Pumper - Refurbished - Iowa                New 2008 F350 Light Rescue Demo- Dunsmuir, Ca.
     New 2010 HME Chassis - Rescue Pumper - In.        New 2009 First Responder - Muni of West Grey, Can
Used Fire Tanker - Stainless Body w/ pump - Ohio                  2010 Freightliner - Class "A" Pumper - Indiana

Kenworth fire pumper tanker 2,000 gallon
2010 Kenworth
1250 Pump
2,000 Gallon Poly Tank
Full Class "A" Pumper Body

This unit in service, and second order for duplicate truck already started!!!


We are not internet brokers, we own our inventory of new and used fire trucks for sale.

We test, refurbish and remount all types of fire apparatus. From used tanker for sale to new NFPA chassis trucks with refurbished fire engine bodies,we can assist you in achieving your department's budget goals.

We answer our phone: 9 am -7 pm, 7 days a week (4*1*9)  4*1*0 - 3*9*3*6



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