New & Used Fire Trucks For Sale 

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Used and new fire tanker tender trucks for sale by Delta Tankers. Our quality new and used fire pumper tanker trucks are sold all over the United States. We exceed expectations with our new pumper tankers,fire engine pumpers and used chassis with new wetside tanker truck bodies.We also build fire fighting tankers,rescue pumpers on new or used chassis. Our inventory of used fire trucks for sale is owned by us, we are not just brokers.

  New & Used Fire Trucks For Sale - Delta Tankers



We have a new single axle, Freightliner M2 106- 350 Hp. in stock and ready to build.

Can to duplicate this new,2,500 gallon pumper tanker for sale.

New - 2019 NFPA Pumper Tanker - 2,500 Gallon Poly Wetside on New Freightliner M2 106:                          SOLD!!!

Visit our deliveries page for more pictures of this 2,500 gallon fire pumper tanker.

 New 2,500 gallon pumper tanker for sale

  New,Single axle M2 106 - 375 
   Hp. DD8 - Stock/Demo

 2,500 gallon tanker - 1,000 gpm
 pto pump!
  This was a stock, demo tanker
  for us
  Sold to: 
    Albany Area Volunteer Fire     
 Department, Albany , Ohio

New Delta Tankers Fire Tanker For Sale

  Stock Chassis - Available for contract build:

     New Single axle M2 106 - 350 Horsepower Cummins - Stock demo truck,your specs for a  pumper - tanker, engine or tender. Great GVW for any NFPA fire truck for sale.

      We can start very soon on a new fire tanker for your fire department, we others are 350
plus days out. We had a department lose their ability to purchase this year, so now we have
an opening in our new ,contract build schedule.

  Our most popular new, NFPA fire fighting pumper tanker for sale, pto pump and "wetside"   
tender- tanker body.  Also features, Newton Swivel dump, pool rack and LED lighting pkg.

  Or  Something like a New 2,000 gallon Class "A" pumper tanker, engine, rescue pumper.

    See our fire demo trucks page for details on a 1,250 pump 2,000 gallon pumper tanker on our stock,
    new 2019 FL M2 106 Chassis.

Or call with your department's own new fire engine, pumper tanker specifications. 

2008 Spartan Custom (used) Chassis - New 2,000 Gallon Fire Tanker Tender Body!!

 Very Low miles - 330 hp. Cummins - New 500 gpm Darley Pto pump - APR poly Tank - Newton swivel dump


 $159,900.00 with brand new Husky Portable Containment - 2,100 gallon portable pool.

 Ready for delivery, please visit our used fire tankers for sale page for more specs.

Or click on above pic for more info and a "walk around" youtube video!

Our new Fire Fighting Tankers on Used/ Pre Owned Chassis: 

Completed, used fire pumper tanker for sale -  Used 3,000 Gallon Pumper Tanker - 1,500 Gpm 2 stage pump. Pump all new poly tank,3/16th aluminum body and LED lighting. Fresh PPG paint "candy apple red" on chassis, to match body, including the door jambs. Tires are excellent, new wheel simulators and brand new Akron deck gun round out this offer. Very nice used, new fire pumper tanker for sale.

 2009 Sterling Acterra with 3,000 "wetside" Pumper Tanker body.   SOLD!!!!

Used 3,000 gallon tanker for sale

                                          Overall height: 122" Tall (10'1")        Overall Length 31' 3"   

Used fire pumper tanker for sale 

   Used chassis, low mileage 2009 chassis,     new 3,000 gallon tanker tender body - no

    3,000 gallon poly tank - 1,500 gpm               Waterous 2 stage midship pump.                             



This 3,000 gallon pumper tanker for sale,                        SOLD                   

 Video on this used 3,000 gallon fire tanker tender we have for sale, click here>>>>>>>[X]

Click here to >>>See used fire tanker page for updates 

Findlay Fire Protection District, Illinois
2000 Pierce Lance Custom Cab (used) - Big Detroit Motor - New 2,000 Gallon Tanker / Tender.    

Used fire pumper tanker for sale
 Thank you,

 Findlay Fire Protection
     Findlay, Illinois!!!! 

in less than a week!

 See our used fire tankers page for more information on this used fire fighting tanker for sale.

New Fire Tanker - Used Pierce Lance Custom Cab with new 2,000 gallon tanker body. SOLD!!!!

See our used fire tankers for sale page for more info!
              New 2016 Freightliner - NFPA 2,500 Gallon - 1,250 Darley Pump - CONTRACT BUILD
              Thank you - NBS Fire District, New Riegel, Ohio


New Fire Pumper Tanker with 350 horsepower Cummins engine and Allison automatic transmission. Fully NFPA Compliant Class "A" Rescue Style Body with ladders and suction hose "sleeved" into rear of tank. With a Federal LED lighting package, optional Fire Research LED Scene Lighting and
scba bottle storage in the 3/16th aluminum body.

New & Used Fire Trucks For Sale - Pumpers - Tankers - Rescues

New 2016 Freightliner Fire Pumper for sale - Remounted E ONE Body  SOLD       

See our Fire Demo Truck page for more on this new fire pumper demo for sale,

Please visit our recent deliveries page for the delivery video of the used stock fire tanker for sale.

See our Used Fire Tankers page for more info on this fire tanker with pump.

WE HAVE A VAST NUMBER OF VIDEOS OF APPARATUS ON YOUTUBE- Search deltatankers2009 for our channel!

We answer our phone: 9 am -7 pm, 7 days a week  (4*1*9)  4*1*0 - 3*9*3*6

Used Fire Tankers for sale,pumpers and rescue apparatus:
Used Fire Pumpers page -- Used Fire Engines For Sale

Used Fire Fighting Tanker Tender For Sale: Stock, Demo

Town of Lynn, Indiana
Used fire trucks for sale  
 Used 2001 Seagrave Tiller
 chassis with new 2,000
 gallon tank and 500 gpm
 pto pump and Newton

Posey Township, Indiana

Used pumper tanker  Posey Pumper tanker on used chassis

On a 2005 International,customer supplied used chassis, with a new pumper tanker body. This truck has 2,500 gallons of water, a 1,250 Darley top mounted pump. Federal LED lighting, Newton swivel dump and Zico portable pool lift. The 3/16 th aluminum body features Amdor roll up doors, interior cabinet lighting by On Scene Solutions LED and Fire Research LED Scene Lights.

We can all agree that this unit stands out in any crowd.

Used Fire Tender Tanker - 1,800 gallon / 750 Darley Pto          USED Chassis - New Body/Tank/Lighting

Contract: DELIVERED - Herndon, PA

  Used fire trucks for sale  Herndon Pa Tender Tanker
2004 Sterling Acterra chassis - 325 Horsepower plus, exhaust brake and more!!!

NFPA 1901 Chevron Striping by

Delivered to: Carthage Volunteer Fire Department IN.

used fire tanker for sale  used fire tanker pumper truck for sale

re purposed Michigan Freightliner chassis (used) from a retired pumper is now a used fire pumper tanker!
See our    Used Fire Tanker Page for more pictures and information.......
Used fire trucks for sale seven days a week.
Call (4*1*9)   4*1*0 - 3*9*3*6          9 Am - 7 Pm 
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  Maltese Crosses & Stars of Lite from 3M Diamond grade material.


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